Growing subtropical plants in Czech Republic

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Growing subtropical plants in Czech Republic

UNREAD_POSTот Moravian » 14 Юли 2012, 12:25

Hello all,

First of all I am sorry for writing in english here, hope most of u will be able to read it. I understand bulgarian and read in this forum a lot. I found plenty of interesting and helpful information here. Unfortunetaly I cannot write in cyrilica, so writing here in english.

I come from southernmost part of Czech Republic and growing of all kinds of plants is my big hobby. I am growing normal european fruits like appples, pears, apricots, peaches, walnuts etc, but also subtropical plants like figs, pomegranates or pistachios. Sometimes with success and sometimes not:) My zone is 7a and average minimal annual temperature here is minus 16 (last 50 years). My summers are not so hot as in Bulgaria (42 and 48 paralel is quite a difference). Average annual temperature is around 10 degrees and rainfall 500 mm.

My biggest obcession are figs and I grow many varieties, both indoors and outdoors. I collected many interesting plants from growers in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Romania. Some are performing really well here, especially next to walls or in yards etc.

I realized that Bulgaria is most similar country to us (in terms of climate) from all countries, where figs are being grown on larger scale. I would like to exchange fig cuttings with you. Especially plants that have proven well in colder areas or endured severe winters without serious damage. I will upload some photos and descriptions of local figs soon.

Best regards to all,

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Re: Growing subtropical plants in Czech Republic

UNREAD_POSTот Kiril Donov » 15 Юли 2012, 00:06

Warm welcome, Moravian!

I'm sure, that your detailed explanation of what you have in your garden and how you care for it, would be very interesting for our forum members, both Bulgarian and English speaking.
And as I already told you, I will send you cuttings of my Fig varieties, that may be of interest to you.
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